Bridal Hair Styling Class Subscription

$60 for the first month, then $15.99 monthly or $153 yearly (20% savings)

Interactive bridal hair styling classes via zoom and live tutorials. Connect with Renee Marie as she teaches a variety of bridal updos/styles and your most requested bridal styling topics. Access to our library of bridal styling tutorials for every single hair type you can think of! Need to learn a low bun for thick hair? Need to know how to achieve volume on fine/thin hair? Want to know styles you can do on short hair? We have tutorials and classes for all that and MORE! You will also get access to our exclusive facebook group where we have monthly challenges to keep you accountable and practice with purpose. Not to mention the guidance and support you will receive from Renee Marie and other Bridal Beauties!

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Bridal 101 Hair Styling Course

3 monthly payments of $228 or $597 one-time payment (12% savings)

Learn the fundamentals of bridal styling to set the ground work to achieve polished, long-lasting updos and styles. Renee Marie teaches in-depth training on the 6 core pillars of Bridal Styling. Product Knowledge, how to properly use your tools, sectioning to create flow and balance, how to incorporate extensions/hair fillers, Curl sets & updo foundations and Bridal Braids. All these important pillars set the groundwork to create bridal styles with ease, help you find your "style" and allow you to fully enjoy what you do!

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Bridal the Business

$47 monthly or $471 yearly (20% savings)

Your Bridal Business Journey Roadmap with guidance from our Mentors who are experts in the bridal beauty industry. Our monthly mentor sessions via zoom or facebook lives, allow you to connect, share and ask questions to our Mentors and other bridal beauties. Making you feel less alone, equipped and confident. Take away fear and overwhelm when it comes to making decisions and navigating your business. We are all in this together!

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1-1 (90-min) Coaching Session

$497 one-time payment

If you need a plan, I will help you make one! If you don’t know what to do in your bridal business, we will discover what you should be doing. If you feel overwhelmed and lost, I will help provide you clarity. 

*Bridal The Business members receive a 30% discount!

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Claire and Renee wanted to create gorgeous accessories for you that also become beloved possessions.
Each headpiece has been designed with bridal hair stylists in mind, to ensure they can be made comfortably secure and wonderfully flexible to allow them to be worn in a variety of different ways.
Whether it be a hair vine, pin, clip or comb, every design can be worn with or without a veil, so if you're thinking of wearing a veil for the ceremony and taking it off for the reception, your headpiece will remain the star of the show for the whole day!
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