Create the

Bridal Business you love

without the overwhelm.

Connect with other bridal beauties & mentors to get the clarity and guidance you need and get your personalized roadmap to take your Bridal Beauty Business to the next level.


Create the

Bridal Business
you love

without the overwhelm.

Connect with other bridal beauties & mentors to get the clarity and guidance you need and get your personalized roadmap to take your Bridal Beauty Business to the next level.


Feeling stuck in your bridal hair beauty business?

✗ Want to build a team but can't figure out how to grow a loyal team.

✗ Want to start a career as a bridal  stylist but unsure where to begin.

✗ Curious what else is out there but don't have an idea of which path you can take as a stylist.

✗ Need a community you can can have conversations with but don't have a community of stylists to bounce off your ideas with.

✗ You are a business owner and you can no longer run your business on your own, and need to be guided how to outsource and delegate admin positions.

✗ You want to become a bridal beauty educator and mentor other bridal artists in becoming bridal business owners or stylists but have no idea how to start.

Get clarity for the next steps of your Bridal Business...

‚úď Know where to begin¬†as an up and coming bridal artist.

‚ústFigure out your career path options¬†in the Bridal Beauty industry.

‚ústBe among peers that support¬†your business goals.

‚ústPlot out¬†the next step¬†to build¬†your own bridal team.

‚ústLearn how to maximize profit¬†of your existing business.

‚ústBecome a mentor¬†to¬†other bridal artists.


Bridal The Business

100% personalized business mentorship program

 The FIRST in the Bridal Beauty Industry

For the beginners, seasoned and masters ‚Äď wherever you are in your Bridal Business journey!

Follow customized roadmaps, access a library of resources ‚Äď with 80+ mentor session recordings on topics like Instagram, branding, Honeybook, pricing and many more. Engage with a community of bridal beauties and get guidance from industry experts so you¬†can get to the next level of your bridal beauty journey with confidence and ease!

Alexis Pouncy

Alexis Pouncy

After being in The Academy for just under a year, and BTB for 6 months I have done so many things I never thought possible!

I found the confidence to become an educator and mentor for beginner hairstylists! Started offering 1:1/group hairstyling classes, and hosted my very first in person class.

Most importantly I started relentlessly chasing my goals and truly believing that they were possible.

Rhianna Guevara

Jessica Bonilla

There's nothing like joining Bridal The Business!! No-one talks about the beautiful, the ugly, the sacrifices, and the roadmap to grow your business. Bridal the Business has offered me the tools to find my own route and achieve my goals.

I love the culture Renee has created and how we can uplift each other to find solutions to elevate our businesses.

I was able to grow my team from 4 artists to now 15 artists!! Through the mentorship calls, I found the guidance and clarity I needed to understand the direction I want it to take on my business.

Build your Bridal Beauty Business your way. 

All the support you need to launch and scale your Bridal Beauty Business


Jam-Packed 60-minute group coaching on Mondays
  • Be guided by¬†expert mentors who have been in your shoes.
  • Connect with like-minded Bridal Beauties to share struggles and wins and find solutions¬†to challenges you face on the way to success.
  • Stay¬†accountable and motivated towards your bridal beauty business goals
  • Gain clarity on your business goals


Prompts to help you move the needle in your business
  • Take the fun route to¬†working¬†on your business goals.
  • Stay focused on the important pillars of your business
  • Go out of your comfort zone and take the action you need to clear the roadblocks you're facing.


Personal responses on your questions from expert mentors
  • Specific and detailed¬†answers to all your questions.
  • Get direct answers from mentors¬†specializing in:
    • Instagram
    • Time Management,
    • Bridal¬†Contracts,
    • Mindset,
    • Marketing,
    • Systems and many more!


Library of top resources for building your business
  • Access to a¬†collection of resources on Mindset, Startup Foundations, Sales, Marketing, Social Media, Branding, Wellness,¬†80+ recorded mentor sessions¬†and a lot more.


Get the chance to become a Mentor!
  • Once you reach the final step in your "Journey" you can become a mentor within Bridal The Business to further build your credibility in the industry.
  • Rhianna, our communication specialist, started as a regular member before becoming a mentor!


Community of like-minded individuals
  • Meet members to keep you accountable.
  • Join a Power House of people who provide positive feedback.
  • Get in contact with experts under the "Hire Me" section of your portal.

Meet Your Mentors

Renee Marie


Global bridal stylist educator and bridal business mindset coach. 19+ years in the Bridal Beauty Industry. Renee believes everything we do all begins with looking inward, discovering what is in your heart and what means the most to you. Renee has the ability to draw out your strengths and best qualities so you are able to apply those things to you life and business.

She is here to help you design a business to fit your personality and lifestyle. Don't think you can do it? Renee will make you believe you can and show you how. 

Classes Taught
IG Followers
Online Students
Renee Marie

Trish Van Zee

Creative Business Strategist

Trish's focus is consulting clients to organize the chaos by building out systems to automate and educate, all while enhancing your brand.
A leader in sales & marketing, management training, and building out multiple start-up brands from the ground up.

Years in Business Management
Years in Special Event Styling
Years in Marketing Graphic Design

Rhianna Guevara

Communication specialist

Rhianna has an ease and calm approach when it comes to helping others. She is approachable and never makes you feel embarrassed to ask any questions. She helps you trust the process of developing your bridal business from the beginning stages. Rhianna is helpful with problem solving, and knowing how to communicate effectively with her calm demeanor and right choice of words.

Rhianna leveled up from being a regular member to becoming one of our regular mentors hosting live clarity calls every month.

Have a hard time knowing what to say in certain situations? Rhianna will coach you through it!

Years behind the chair
Years in customer service
Jasmine Jones
Jasmine Jones
Mindset and Brand Strategist

Get tips on how to streamline your bridal beauty business.

Paige Griffith
Paige Griffith
Lawyer/Contract Expert

Get you legitimate advise from an actual Lawyer on contracts, intellectual property, privacy, and business law.

Anna Dearmon Kornick
Anna Dearmon Kornick
Time Management

Your go-to for time management tips and real-life advice to make the most of your time.

Angela Cattaneo
Angela Cattaneo
Instagram Marketing & Mindset Coach

Be empowered dream big and make your visions a reality.

Brianna Michelle Young
Brianna Michelle Young
Business and Marketing for Wedding Pros

Learn the different Online Marketing tips to help you scale without the burnout

We're waiting for you in Bridal the Business!

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What our members love about Bridal the Business!

Kimberley Reed

Kimberley Reed

Have more weddings booked this year than in my 16 years as a hair stylist. Building confidence in sharing my work on social media. Finally implementing changes I'm my business that I've wanted but didn't know how to achieve, or didn't know we're possible. Not to mention, I have doubled my income within a year!

Kimberley Reed

Fiorella Castro

I took the leap and went bridal only!! My quality of life has drastically improved! I went from slaving behind the chair to enjoying my life and working weekends ‚ô•ÔłŹ

Kimberley Reed

Kirby Makrevski

I have way more confidence and more refined skills, and as a result have more passion for my career than I ever have before

I've booked the most weddings in one season ever, started 1 on 1 training, booked a demo class at a salon and was just asked by the creative director at New York fashion week about working it in the fall.

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