About Us


No one is a pro overnight. NO ONE. All of the knowledge I share with you, I have learned from 16 years of experience and I am still working on today. YES, 16 years! I started beauty school during Junior year of High School. During that time I drifted from working in full service salons to my kitchen (who can relate?) to bartending, to attending College for acting and singing, which then lead me right back to my love of hairstyling again...

When I moved from my hometown in Huntington, NY to Florida, it was then where I grew the most and found my path to my niche...Bridal Hair Styling. 

Ever since beauty school I always loved creating Updos! I participated in all of the competitions, including Cosmetology State Finals, where I kept my hair model up ALL NIGHT so I could practice on her...No lie, she was literally falling asleep in my chair during the completion and I had to keep tapping her with my comb to wake her up so she wouldn't nod her head and keep ruining my style...

One day, as I was struggling to be a "single mom," I was working graveyard shifts as a beverage server at the Hard Rock Casino, shifts were 12am-8am. I would get 2 hours of sleep everyday for a year and a half, because I had my 4 year old daughter to care for with little or no help from her Father. I was also doing cut, colors and styling out of my home on my "days off" for clients I gained at work.

At this most difficult time in my life, I had an epiphany...I thought to myself, the most successful people in the world are the best at the ONE THING. They focus on whatever that is and what they are the best at...Then I thought, "what do I enjoy doing the most, and what I am best at?" My answer was, creating updos. Then I started thinking, I live in Florida, which is a huge destination location for weddings...which happen year round... Then I had the Ah-haaa moment of "Hello Renee, you should be a Bridal Hairstylist!"

And that's where it all began. 

I started from the bottom JUST LIKE YOU. Having NO idea how to even start a business, to "figuring it out."

So here it is just for you, things that have taken me YEARS to learn (with many mistakes made!) 

I am here as a mentor to guide you on your journey, of owning your own Bridal Hairstyling Business and style beautifully polished updos... Are you ready?!


Renee Marie