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The 9 Bridal Beauty Avenues

Nikki Sampson

Exceeding my goal of booking 26 weddings for 2022.
Giving me the confidence and support that I can achieve my bridal dreams with your support and support of the ladies of Bridal the Business.

Kimberley Reed

Have more weddings booked this year than in my 16 years as a hair stylist. Building confidence in sharing my work on social media. Finally implementing changes I'm my business that I've wanted but didn't know how to achieve, or didn't know we're possible.

Here's What You're Getting

Get Answers Straight from the Mentors
  • Receive personal responses from our Founder, Renee Marie through your exclusive members only portal!
  • Receive personal responses from mentors who specialize in the category of your specific question
  • Question is posted for members to give feedback based on their personal experience. Remember there is power in numbers!
Online Training
  • Access to thousands of dollars worth of training
  • Mindset, startup foundations, sales, marketing, social media marketing, branding, wellness to name a few components
Become a Mentor
  • Once you reach the final step in your "Journey" you can become a mentor within Bridal The Business to further build your credibility in the industry!
Member Exchange
  • Community of like minded individuals
  • Members will become a part of your lives and hold you accountable
  • Power House of people who provide positive feedback
  • "Hire Me" section, putting you in
    contact with the experts
Monthly Clarity Call
  • A jam-packed 60-minute group coaching call every 2nd Monday of the Month
  • Keeps you accountable and motivated towards your bridal beauty business goals
  • Connects you with other like minded Bridal Beauties to share your struggles and wins and find solutions to challenges you face on the way to success
  • Helps you gain clarity on your business goals and get support from passionate stylists like you
  • Support and guidance you need to help you reach your business goals while getting consistent motivation and boost on your personal goals.
Monthly Challenges
  • Keep you on your path to success by making it fun to build your goals for success
  • Helps you stay focused on building your business
  • Challenges you to push you out of your comfort zone and prepare you to face and succeed over all the struggles you may face
  • Helps you create the foundation for your business to propel you to the next level 

Monthly Option


$49 monthly payments


Yearly Option
(20% Savings!)


$471 yearly payments


Kirby Makrevski

I've booked the most weddings in one season ever, started 1 on 1 training, booked a demo class at a salon and was just asked by the creative director at New York fashion week about working it in the fall.
I have way more confidence and more refined skills, and as a result have more passion for my career than I ever have before.

Meet Your Mentors

Renee Marie

Founder, Connector, Your Hype Girl

Global bridal stylist educator, founder of Bridal Beauty Confidence, and Bridal The Business. 18+ years in the Bridal Beauty Industry. Need a confidence boost? She's your girl!

Jasmine Jones

Mindset and Brand Strategist

Podcast host, public speaker and owner of an on location bridal hair and makeup team that services 4 states. She all about giving tough love advice and helping your get out of your own way.

Paige Griffith

Lawyer/Contract Expert

Founder of The Legal Paige, a virtual law firm working with online businesses and wedding industry professionals.

Angela Cattaneo

Instagram Audit Guru & Content Coach

Founder of Beyond the Ponytail and BTP Society, she has over 22 years of experience in the hair industry.

More other mentors with expertise on:

Bridal Education Marketing
Time Management Coach
Intuitive Business Consultant
Content Creation/Brand Ambassador

What our members are saying:

Fiorella Castro

I took the leap and went bridal only!!
My quality of life has drastically improved! I went from slaving behind the chair to enjoying my life and working weekends❤️

Rhianna Guevara

Renee is such an incredible teacher! The confidence I am gaining in my own skills is priceless!
It's such a world of a difference having someone in your corner cheering you on, helping to guide you in the right direction. Renee had also asked about what my goals are and mapped out a plan that was just right for me. Having direction is everything and then being able to take her classes to gain confidence in the work I'm producing... it's like a one stop shop!💕

Lauren Witts

I was able to start my own on location bridal company and get away from being behind the chair!
In addition to taking my updos to another level, I've realized that my dreams of being a full time bridal stylist are possible.

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